Why the best nights out are always Unforgiven

Thursday 26 November, 2015

It’s every man’s prerogative to let loose every once in awhile, and while thoughts of a guys night out usually lead to a Neanderthal, Jager-fueled prowl of the valley, The Unforgiven can appreciate that it’s often just a chance to loosen up and spend an evening in the company of a fellow Y chromosome. With the average male often spending more than 40 hours a week at work, and the rest of their time in the binding chains of female tyranny, what better excuse to have a long overdue primal awakening than checking out the newest boutique bar in town? Grab a handful of your best mates and spend an evening in the company of an entire shelf of boutique liquors and the newly opened, The Unforgiven.

Open from 6pm until late, Thursday to Sunday, there’s no better excuse to knock off work and appreciate a glass of fine whiskey with your mates. Whether it’s a Thursday night tipple to get you through to the weekend, or an all out Friday sesh with your best buds, The Unforgiven is waiting with open liquor bottles to give you the night off you deserve.

If you’re looking to revel in your final nights of bachelorhood, the buck stops here. Share some bro-love and celebrate your manhood over a selection of Australian spirits and an assortment of thirteen signature cocktails – pace yourselves gentlemen. With it’s signature mix of shadowy style and seductive substance, The Unforgiven is the perfect destination for your final fling with the boys.

What happens at The Unforgiven stays at The Unforgiven. With a backlit bar, seductive interior and every bottle of ‘forgetting’ you and your mates could require, we can guarantee mystery and discretion for your lads night on the town. While not a word will leave the secretive walls of The Unforgiven – we can’t promise your mate’s photos won’t. So next time, while the ladies have champagne in hand upstairs, don’t forget there’s a secret hideaway closer than you think; where mates can hang out and drink the finest boutique liquor to their heart’s content.