3 Things To Know Before You Hit The Taylor Swift Concert

Wednesday 25 November, 2015

Whether you’ve been preparing for this moment since the day tickets were released or it was a last minute slap together between you and your favourite gal pals, one thing’s for sure – Tay Tay sing-alongs sound far better when they’re a little cocktail infused, darling.


1. We’ve got a blank space baby…

And we’ll write your name (to reserve you a table, of course)! You can’t go to the biggest pop star’s concert without a cheeky couple of pre-Tay drinks with your clique, and what better way to do that than over some decadent snacks at Darling & Co (we’re literally down the road, darling). Whether you’re after a more casual bar setting to kick start the evening, or a sit-down dinner for some pre-show sustenance, come on down and let us make the start of your ‘love story’ evening with Swiftie even more enjoyable.


2. Sip cocktails even the ‘haters’ can’t hate

No haters here, ladies, we’ve got a cocktail for every gal and their Tay Tay loving pal. With everything from espresso martinis to sangria jugs to share, you and the ladies won’t know where to start! Plus, we have a sneaky feeling our cocktails will make the inevitable Taylor Swift sing-a-longs sound just a tiny bit better.


3. The party ain’t over when Tay Tay stops singing

How often do you and all your gals get together for a concert as big as TSwift? Don’t let the party finish early – grab the ladies and debrief the amazingness you just witnessed, cocktail in hand, at Darling & Co. We’re open until late, so you’ll be able to keep a fine flow of food and drinks going to sustain any further Taylor Swift fangirling that’s still in your system.


See you on Saturday 5th December, Swifties!