We’re bringing nightcaps back

Thursday 03 December, 2015

Ahh the good old nightcap – no, not the one you wear on your noggin’, we’re talking about a sneaky little alcoholic beverage before bedtime. Sound familiar?

The term nightcap has been in use since 1818 and traditionally consisted of brandy, bourbon and cream-based liqueurs, such as Irish cream. But for one reason or another, the alcoholic nightcaps have flown off the radar in recent times.

Well, we’re bringing the nightcap back at the newly opened Unforgiven. Paddington’s newest drinking hotspot offers premium Australian spirits, local producer wines and good beer – definitely a strong reason to get your pre-snooze drinking game back on track! But there are plenty of other reasons why nightcaps are the new black.

You know that home reno next door? (The one that’s been going on for months and waking you up at an ungodly hour screaming ‘Why me?’) Well a South Australian St Agnes Brandy XO nightcap should help you make it through. This deeply coloured, full-bodied and extremely complex liquor has undergone a long maturation process in small oak hogsheads. We reckon it’s the perfect, mellow late night treat to send you dozing off into dreamland.

Or maybe the time has come when that XXXX stubby in the back of your fridge is the last drink left. Don’t panic, the Unforgiven’s got a Starward Whisky from Victoria waiting for you; this bad boy has been forged after years of experimentation and adjustment to create a whisky of smoothness, sweetness and unparalleled complexity – nightcaps really don’t get better than this.

So next time you get that itching feeling for a drink with the mates after the 9-5 grind, or maybe your sleep deprivation is getting the better of you, consider a special nightcap at Unforgiven to set your sleep up soundly for the night ahead.