A new way to lunch

Thursday 26 November, 2015

[vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1540266197655{margin-bottom: 25px !important;}”]One whisper of the words ‘ladies and lunch’ and usually your noggin is filled with images of the cashmere mafia, gossipmongers, cucumber sandwiches and a little too much tea sipping for your own good. Well, we’re done with the smell of well-laundered skirt suits and are welcoming a good whiff of gin cocktails and Negroni sorbet instead. We’ve done the rounds and dished up a lunch for every kind of lady.


The Socialite

You’re a lady in the street but a freak at the lunch table. You know the ins and outs of the Brisbane lunch scene and know your way around a dining table, but you’re yet to find something as sophisticated as the Darling & Co lunch menu. You know your wine to meat pairings and you’ve got your drinking to drunk ratios down pat. Forget finding a man – you’ve found a lunch that ticks all the boxes – and they’re much harder to come by.


The #GirlBoss

You love a good wine and dine over lunch but some days you just want to be in and out before you can say ‘fish of the day’. You’re never at odds with a midday rosé, and appreciate fresh and flavoursome produce while you’re on the run. While some days you might spend a few too many hours over a little lunch time indulgence, you’ll thank yourself for the treat when you’re tapping away at your laptop into the night.


Yummy Mummies

Going out for lunch once a fortnight is for more than the dining experience for you, it’s about connecting with human kind above the age of 18 months. Yes, while you’re trying to raise a small human, it’s possible to find somewhere in Brisbane that welcomes and encourages your little prodigies while you welcome your bimonthly Bombe Alaska. We’ve got high chairs coming out our ears and a two course lunch special with your name on it.


The Golden Girls

You’ve spent your life with ladies and lunch is your middle name. You’re old and wise enough to know when to cut loose with a midday cocktail and appreciate that limiting your drinking to the day time means falling asleep while the sun’s still up is a viable option. Lunch is only lunch to you if it’s paired with a few nips of something strong, and you appreciate fresh local produce – after all, in your day it was just called produce.


We’ll show you the true meaning of ‘ladies who lunch’ with a menu full of dishes that come as dressed to impress as you do. Wine and dash with Darling & Co and flirt with your choice of entrée and main or main and dessert, seven days a week.