Two reasons it’s time to make your relationship with wine exclusive

Thursday 14 January, 2016

Call us selfish, but here at Darling & Co, we’ve become accustomed to a little VIP treatment. So, when it came to putting together our wine list, our love for all things exclusive influenced every choice. Hand-picked by Darling & Co’s beverage manager, Maui Manu, the wine list is perfectly tailored to each dish and experience on offer at Darling & Co. With a strong understanding of all flavours ‘grape,’ Maui’s no stranger to traipsing the country in search of the perfect tipple (a hard life indeed) and has a particular fondness this week for a glass of the Alan Veitch Gruner Veltiner by Robert Johnson (the perfect drop for seafood and summer afternoons, he says). After careful selection and a few too many swishes and sips, Darling & Co has assembled the perfect line up of Australian wines, and come up with two reasons why it’s time to take your relationship with wine to the next level.


Wine is always there for you when you need it

Unlike that disastrous fling with the guy from your IT department, wine will never stand you up to stay home and play video games with its friends. Mature, well mannered and always readily available at your beck and call, wine is the grown up friend that knows the right thing to say when you’re feeling less than your fabulous self. Always clean and immaculately pressed, our Save Our Souls Chardonnay 2013 is a confident companion with just the right blend of fruity insouciance and a sense of biting wit that cuts down all the others in its wake. Born and bred in the Yarra Valley, it is in possession of that rare attention to detail that only careful artisanal craft can inspire. It might be a new world kind of wine, but it’s got just enough old world manners to charm even the pickiest of suitors. Rarely found outside of the confines of Darling & Co, this well-rounded character will always be ready to pick you up when you need it. Can you say soul mate?


Wine loves your friends just as much as you do

In every relationship, nothing is more nerve-racking than introducing your newest lover to the oldest loves of your life. Do they like him? Does he like them? It’s enough to make a lady feel queasy. Fortunately, this first meeting anxiety is never the case when it comes to introducing the ladies to your new favourite tipple. Especially if it’s our Deliquente Roxanne the Razor Montepulciano. Bold, fun and just a little bit rough around the edges this robust drop is a motorcycle riding badass with a heart of gold, guaranteed to make your whole gang go weak at the knees. Hailing from the rough and rural region of Riverland, South Australia this Montepulciano is an uncommon treat and is only available to be picked up at Darling & Co. It might come from the wrong side of the tracks but once you’ve fallen into its charms you’ll never want to let it go. Take it out for a night with your favourite ladies and prepare yourself for a round of glowing reviews.


When it comes to committing to an adult relationship, forget the boys and get serious with our hand-picked wine list instead. With a keen focus on rare and exclusive finds, true and lasting love is just a sip away.