3 New year’s resolutions to ditch right away

Thursday 07 January, 2016

Take our word for it, these resolutions will hinder your 2016 brilliance.

2016 – the year of new beginnings, the year when all your resolutions will actually see fruition. Sound familiar? You said that last year, didn’t you? Here’s 3 resolutions just destined to bruise your new year, new you ego.


“I’m eating in more.”

Sure there are the pros, you save a bit of money and you… oh wait, that’s it? And saving money isn’t even guaranteed; if your voucher app downloading is on point, you’ll be snatching up local specials from your favourite eateries daily. In 2015 (yes, last year) the US Chamber of Commerce reported grocery store sales lagged behind public dining options for the first time…so don’t get into a habit that’s bound to be broken. See you around Paddington?


“I’m cutting back on alcohol.”

Now, why would you even consider that? We might not know the extent of your appreciation for liquor, but we do know that ‘cutting back’ on it is destined for failure. Instead, we suggest living by the mantra ‘everything in moderation.’ This way, you can enjoy your favourite drinks without the negative connotations of having to ‘cut back’ on something. We’re all about compromise, darling!


“I’m eating healthier.”

Sounds good in theory, but with such a vague resolution you won’t know where to start or how to measure it. Does healthy eating mean less sugar, less fatty foods, or maybe you’re after more protein and less carbs to fuel your strict exercise regime resolution? Whatever eating healthier means for you, opt for a clear resolution and save yourself some confusion-induced stress along the way!


Whether it’s eating healthier, eating in more, or drinking less, Darling & Co is your leading lady to help combat the New Year’s resolutions you don’t need to have.