Brisbane’s best reason to chuck a sickie on your birthday

Monday 04 January, 2016

It’s no foreign concept to milk your birthday for all it’s worth – it’s the modern day equivalent of a get out of jail free card, and the year’s best excuse to play up. So at Darling & Co, we’ve got Brisbane’s best reason to leave your responsibilities at home, whack on some glad rags, and give your boss that call you’ve been waiting for all year – the birthday sickie.

We say what better day to hit the town and enjoy lunch with your nearest and dearest? And nothing is sweeter than free food on your birthday, right? Indulge in a little finery at Darling & Co, and if you’re a member of our Social Club you receive a birthday Bombe Alaska on us! Forget the birthday candles this year – we’re lighting your whole damn dessert on fire in honour of your special day. Now that’s worth foregoing a day of paperwork and emails for.

The Bombe Alaska is famous for its combination of cold ice cream with warm, crispy meringue. It’s made with layers of soft sponge, topped with a dome of ice cream and then completely covered in whipped meringue. It’s then baked, torched, or lit on fire until the meringue is toasted and lightly cooked. The meringue layer keeps the ice cream protected from the heat, creating its famous contrast in temperature and texture.

Enjoy our take on the classic dome shaped dessert, smothered in layers of coconut, raspberry and decadent toasted meringue. You deserve nothing but the best on your birthday. When they said the best things in life were free, they were clearly talking about the birthday Bombe Alaska at Darling & Co.

So call pens down on your usual work day and pop your name on our Social Club list for a birthday lunch like no other.