3 things men do in bars that women don’t get

Thursday 10 December, 2015

“Mate, free for a drink tonight?” It’s 5pm on a Friday night and you’ve just got a message from one of your closest bros. Some of the ladies might think that’s a bit last minute to organize a boys night (they need at least 3 weeks notice just to plan an outfit), but frankly, it’s pretty well organised for you and your mates.

We haven’t even got to the bar yet and it’s looking fairly certain that there’s just some shit men do in bars that women just don’t get. Here’s a few more that might put a quizzical tilt into your female friends brows.


The perimeter prowl

Standing around the perimeter of the dance floor instead of actually dancing on the dance floor probably seems like a futile exercise to the ladies getting their groove on and wondering where all the men are at (it’s called a dance floor for a reason, gents!). But really, you’re sussing out the situation from a safe vantage point, making sure you won’t step on any bro’s toes when you start cutting up the floor to get the attention of a hot babe.


The awkward arm lean and nod combo

When you walk up to a bar, rest your arm on the bench, attempt a semi-sensual body position and do the ‘How you doin…” nod, you probably don’t usually get the response your hoping for. Instead, the women on the receiving end of this gesture probably give you a kind of half smile and then slowly turn around to their group of friends and avoid you for the rest of the night. Why? They don’t understand that that was you saying, ‘Hey, I think you’re babin,’ want a drink?’


The pickup pack

You go to a bar in a group of single blokes with the intention to mingle with some lovely ladies and perhaps meet someone special with the help of an entire TEAM of wingmen. You think, ‘my bros will talk me up, they’ll see I’m a popular guy, and we’ll get the whole ‘meeting the friends’ thing out of the way nice and early.’ What the ladies are thinking is probably more along the lines of ‘These creepy guys are staring at me and killing my groove – I just want to dance, have a good time, and sip cocktails!’


But to the men of the world – we get you. Sometimes you just got to do your thing in bars and women will never understand! Here’s a hint for you – why not try a new bar that understands the male species to a T. Unforgiven is Paddington’s newly opened drinking den and it’s calling your name.