Locals do it better: Suncoast Fresh

Wednesday 09 December, 2015

When it comes to sourcing the freshest, seasonal produce to put on a plate, there is not a single chef in the world who wouldn’t agree that locals always do it better. In this regular unearthing, we dig up the dirt on the local producers providing the ingredients in the Darling & Co kitchen. Read about their backstory, understand where your food comes from and discover just why Darling & Co’s food offering is leaps and bounds above the rest.


And the freshest fruit and vegetables in Brisbane are…

‘From farm to table’ is a phrase tossed around a lot in the market for fresh food – but one local producer is truly living and breathing those words every day. Suncoast Fresh is an owner operated business with a core of experienced staff who pride themselves on being produce professionals in every sense. Sourcing all their products from local growers on the Sunshine Coast, they take the time to find the juiciest fruits and tastiest vegetables, and ensure there’s no long transit and storage periods from the farm to the plate.

Having the freshest fruits and vegetables means staying in tune with the seasons, and Suncoast Fresh’s Season Guide is the perfect tool to identify what produce is in season all year round. So you can find out what standout Suncoast Fresh ingredients are making their way onto the plates in the Darling & Co restaurant!


The star vegetables of summer

Suncoast Fresh provides Darling & Co with all its fresh fruit and vegetables. One dish where you can see their produce really shine is the simple, yet popular, Summer Vegetables. This classic dish really puts the produce front and centre – it’s literally a selection of summer vegetables, including carrots, beetroots and asparagus, served with lashings of labneh as a base. With a stunningly elegant appearance, it’s a perfect example of a modern contemporary dish that’s only made possible with the freshest local produce. See what all the fresh fuss is about and come and try our Summer Vegetables for yourself!


For a closer look at everything Suncoast Fresh, visit suncoastfresh.com.au.

Darling & Co prides itself on plating up the freshest local produce. As the ‘& Co’ in our name suggests, we choose to work in partnership with our local suppliers – selected because of a shared passion for quality, simplicity and customer experience.