The 12 Cocktails of Christmas

Thursday 03 December, 2015

With Christmas just around the corner, we handpicked 12 cocktails from Darling & Co and Unforgiven to tantalise your taste buds. But with so many on offer, you need to be strategic this holiday season. Here’s your ‘what cocktail to have when’ holiday guide!


The Darling Spritz

We’ve all done it – instead of buying your friend a gift, you cave and buy it for yourself! This very ‘in season’ Aperol Spritz cocktail is perfect for sipping while donning your secret Santa’s new dress.


Passion in Paddington

The holiday weather forecast is all sun and soaring 30 degree temperatures, so a refreshing vodka and passionfruit cocktail is an essential.


Pink Lady Sangria

If gift shopping ‘til you drop with your gals sounds like a familiar pastime, this shared sangria jug is just what you need in-between or after the shopping spree!


The Darling Ice Tea

You’re doing your weekly food shop, see Christmas ads everywhere, realise it’s only days away and you haven’t started present shopping. Tea is supposed to be relaxing, right?!


Shibuya Crossing

Rushing through town all day in Christmas crowds is no easy feat – much like navigating through the world’s busiest crossing – thank god for vodka and melon!


The Ün French Martini

We all have THAT friend who’s been everywhere and got everything and they’re back just in time for a Christmas visit – well la di da, we bet they’ll be surprised when you treat them to the antithesis of French martinis.


Ibiza Cobbler

This one’s for those lucky enough to have a holiday over the Christmas break and a pool in the backyard…it’s no Ibiza but you can’t blame us for dreaming!


Old Fashioned

‘Thanks Nanna,’ you say as you receive your yearly supply of socks. Hey, just because it’s old fashioned doesn’t mean it’s not essential – just like this stiff whiskey infused concoction.


Thyme Flies

When you’ve been Christmas shopping for nine hours straight, had enough of Christmas carols, tinsel and the latest Barbie paraphernalia and only a hard hit of gin will fix you.


King’s Day Punch

Ok so there’s no sea of orange, but there is a sea of bright green and red Christmas lights (and that’s same same enough for us). It’s causing a bit of eyestrain and a slight migraine – hello soothing Vodka-filled bestie!


The Swing Vote

Should we bake gingerbread? Turkey or pork? Christmas at my house? Should we invite Uncle Bob? Decisions are hard work, but a dose of Talisker 10 has our vote!


The Darling Espresso Martini

It’s Christmas Eve, you’ve only just finished grabbing last minute bits and bobs and putting the finishing touches on everything. It’s time to reward yourself with something a little stronger than milk and cookies!


‘Tis the season – here’s our full cocktail menu.