Let it rain tequila!

Thursday 03 March, 2016

Like any truly great woman, tequila can be a cruel and seductive mistress. Treat her with respect and you’ll be rewarded by her full bodied and aromatic charms, treat her with carelessness and you’ll curse the day you met her. So if like so many before you, you have licked, sipped and sucked your way into a very bad relationship, then it’s time to get back to that lovin’ feeling with a little help from the tequila whisperer himself Nick Reid of Tequila Tromba. Put down that shot glass and get ready to get reacquainted with Mexico’s most sultry mistress, because on Wednesday, 16th of March we’re letting it rain Tequila Tromba at Unforgiven – and we want you to come and get wet.

Treat your tastebuds and delight your senses as you sip and savour your way through four varieties of tequila and learn first hand from the professionals how Mexico’s favourite tipple is meant to be treated. But don’t worry, we know you can’t work on your relationship on an empty stomach, which is why the team at Darling & Co will be on hand with a selection of sumptuous Mexican delicacies designed to pair perfectly with the cocktail menu – we just love a perfect match.



Any therapist worth their salt (and lime) will tell you that the first step to fix a broken relationship is to try new things together. So why not start the night off with a jaunty little twist on a classic, like a Lemon Myrtle Margarita blended over finely crushed ice? Pair it up with a selection of authentic Mexican canapés and you’ll be back on track in no time.



Looking to rekindle those flames of passion? Fire things up with a punchy Reposado Tommy Margarita mixed with agave and desert lime, then cool off with a serve of our signature seafood tacos and ceviche, packed with local flavour and fresh produce.



Now you’re getting back into the swing of things why not introduce something a little exotic into your relationship? Be dazzled by the fruity Paloma; a bold mix of Tromba Blanco and grapefruit, matched with traditional street style tortillas made to your liking. It’s the vacation away you’ve always been meaning to take together – before life got in the way.



Now that you’re on the road to recovery it’s time to consider renewing your vows with our Aged Tromba Anejo with house made coriander and lime verdita – we’ll be right there to catch the bouquet.


So hit the refresh button on your relationship with tequila and take another shot at true love when you join us for Let It Rain Tromba. At just $75pp, it’s the couples therapy you need – minus the awkward roleplaying.