3 Reasons why December isn’t the only month for an office party

Thursday 25 February, 2016

Is there something in the water cooler or does it feel like things around the office are already feeling a bit flat? After all the glitz and glamour of the silly season, sliding back into your regular working routine feels a little a dull, and it’s starting to show. So when IT stops talking to HR and the PR department is threatening to go MIA, perhaps it’s time for a little R&R with some team building ideas that are guaranteed to get you back on track.

There’s no “I” in “team”, but there’s definitely one in “wine”

Does the thought of name tags, motivational speakers and trust exercises make you flinch? We don’t blame you, that old routine has been done to death! While doing a “trust catch” seems like a neat idea at the time, we all know how quickly that’s going to unravel when Debby from marketing ‘accidentally’ drops Sue from accounts down a flight of stairs. Take a departure from tradition and treat the team to a whiskey or wine appreciation class instead and see how quickly the team bonds over the Yarra Valley vs Hunter Valley debate.

Launch into lunch

There’s only one solution to an office that’s hungry for a little excitement, and it involves lunch – lots and lots of lunch. So ditch the desks and think outside the cubicle, it’s time to get back in touch with the team the good old fashioned way, with a long lunch in your very own private slice of paradise. With four exceptional corporate function rooms to choose from, let our expert team take care of all the details so you can spend more time getting back in touch with your urban family.

Let us cater to you

Don’t have time to flee the office? We’re like the Field of Dreams, “if you book us, we will come”. Just choose a selection from our extensive function packages and we’ll deliver delightful bites like tiger prawn linguini, roasted spatchcock with green chilli and pork belly banh mi sliders right to your desk – it’s your move, party pie.

So don’t let the post-Christmas slump get your office in a slump. Secure your nomination for world’s best boss and put Brisbane’s team building experts to the test. Because getting back in touch is so much easier with a cocktail in your hand.