When tomato met basil: find your perfect match

Thursday 11 February, 2016

From the creators of much such loved romantic stories like “The Unforgiven: A life-long affair with small-batch spirits” the team from Darling & Co proudly present this Valentine’s Day latest uplifting box office smash hit. Full of more passion and intrigue than the newest offering from Nicholas Sparks, join us on a dramatic journey of boundaries crossed and love found as we explore this year’s feel-good set menu of the year, Valentine’s Day at Darling & Co.

Canape: Vanella Mozarella Arancini

Nothing could ever shake the unbreakable bond of lifelong sweethearts, tomato and basil. But when sexy, smoked mozzarella came to town, everything changed. This tantalising love triangle is a bite-sized tale of lust and longing that’ll have you begging for more.

Entrée: House Cured Huon Ocean Trout

A tale as old as time but a guaranteed crowd pleaser, when our leading lady, asparagus crossed paths with the always hunky house cured ocean trout there was just no going back. Dive head first into a summer of love with this refreshing tale of two soul mates bound together forever by passion and crème fraiche.

Main: Northern River’s Veal Cutlet

He’s from the Northern Rivers and she’s just a city herb looking for her big break, so when veal cutlet and sage finally met, let’s just say there was more than just dinner cooking in the kitchen. Co starring Golden Fork nominees kipfler potato and black cabbage comes this year’s biggest romance. Can you say love at first bite?

Dessert: Darling Bombe Alaska

Love is sweet and so is this latest mouth watering offering from Darling & Co. Fall in love with a double helping of fun on this romantic twist on a classic Bombe Alaska. With an all-star cast including macadamia, mango, cointreau and Australia’s favourite sweetheart honey, it’s the old story you know with a fresh new take you’ll love.

So skip the “Notebook” reruns this Valentine’s Day and catch this year’s hottest new romances with our “Be My Darling Valentine” menu – coming to a Darling & Co near you.

Available Sunday 14th February for lunch and dinner, book now to avoid disappointment.