How to update your relationship status with Darling & Co

Thursday 28 January, 2016

Call us crazy, but there’s something in the air this time of year that has got us feeling all kinds of giddy. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and we’ve swapped our Adele playlist for back-to-back Marvin Gaye. Yes, Valentine’s Day is coming up fast and we’ve got romance on our mind. But if the thought of the most romantic day of the year sends you into a panic, it’s time to take a deep breath and calm down, because when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day 2016, the team at Darling & Co know how to show you a little love.


Beloved Breakfast

They don’t call it the most important meal of the day for nothing. Strike a romantic tone for the rest of your day and treat your beloved to their heart’s desire with our full a la carte menu. Whether it’s a long and lazy brunch with your main squeeze or a giggly, champagne breakfast with your favourite gals, there’s nothing like thick, fluffy pancakes with summer berries, mascarpone and a sticky slab of locally sourced rooftop honey to make you believe in love again. Just be sure you nab yourself a bouquet of flowers from our Flour & Bloom selection on your way out the door!


The Love Lunch

True love lasts forever- or at least for the length of four courses, and that’s kind of the same thing right? When it comes to stretching out your Valentine’s Day, Brisbane’s home of the long lunch is right here at Darling & Co. Be seduced by an exclusive selection of delicacies including our Borrowdale pork terrine with foie gras and Queen Garnet plum and our Cone Bar barramundi with delicately smoked gnocchi, Kinkawooka mussels and chorizo. Who’d have thought you’d find your soul mate right in front you – on your plate!


The Darling Dinner Date

Let’s turn the lights down low and get wine-ing and dining, because if there’s one Valentine’s Day tradition worth your attention it’s the allure of the romantic dinner. Think soft lighting, a glass of Chandon, and darling little hand crafted canapés. Whether you’re treating someone special or looking out for number one, our team will be on hand to turn your dining fantasies into a reality with our 4 course set menu. The best part? With dessert included you’re guaranteed at least one happy ending to your evening.


Whether it’s a day spent with your soul mate or your sensationally solo, there’s more than enough to go around when you spend your Valentine’s Day 2016 with Darling & Co.