4 Great Spaces and 4 Great Ways To Use Them For Your Corporate Event

Thursday 21 January, 2016

Corporate functions Brisbane, private dining Brisbane, meeting rooms Brisbane, end of financial year, mid-year parties – it’s miraculous we can actually feel your eyes rolling into the back of your head as you’re reading this. But just hold your horses because if you haven’t already closed down your browser in a huff or back clicked like a demon to your pressing work project (online shopping, same difference), then you are in luck. What you’re about to read is something so miraculous, so gosh darn fascinating that you just can’t help but share it (although if you do need help sharing we suggest Facebook). So strap yourselves in and get ready for a wild ride as Darling & Co proudly presents, a useful blog.

“What’s that? A useful blog?” you say? Why yes! This ain’t no regular list-icle, this is a bona fide party planning ticket to success and with End of Financial year looming, it’s just in time for your next corporate boozer. So take our hand and let’s get down to business with not only 4 great corporate function rooms, but 4 great ways to use them.


1. The End of Financial Year Party in Unforgiven

Congratulations, you’ve squared away another financial year and your accountant has only threatened to quit twice (love your work Terry). It’s time to put down those pencils and pick up cocktail and there’s no better spot to do it then our very own Unforgiven. Perfect for those who like a firm handshake and a stiff drink to match, this moody and sophisticated little nook hidden is dripping with classic charm. Cosy up with the boss on one of the stylish leather lounges and bond over an exclusive range of boutique spirits and rare top shelf finds. With enough room for 50 of your closest work chums, it’s time to slip out of that suit and into a dry martini as you tip your cap to another successful year done and dusted.


2. Mid Year Professional Development at Swayze’s Backstage

So your dream team is running out steam? It’s ok, it’s no big deal, it happens to everyone (or so we’ve been told), and it’s only too easy to get your engine back on the track when you’ve got Darling & Co guiding you. Gather up the crew and get into Swayze’s Backstage for an afternoon of team building and professional development. Featuring plush lounges and stylish interiors, this versatile meeting room is Brisbane’s very own little slice of paradise just a stones throw away from the CBD. Fully equipped with a private bar and all of your AV equipment needs, it’s the perfect choice for any business looking to put a little spark into their working environment.


3. The 6 Month Review

Ok, so it’s time for the dreaded 6-month review, and while you know you may not make employee of the year this time around (and we all know Barbara from HR only got it because she – well, never mind) you can rest assured that you’ll lock in the nomination next year with this hot tip. Skip the scary function room and take the sting out of the grisly process with a very civilized long lunch in our restaurant. Warm up that chilly atmosphere with a decadent three course lunch featuring Moreton Bay bug raviolo with charred leek and shellfish emulsion followed by juicy Cape Grim eye fillet steaks. Featuring a menu oozing Brisbane’s best quality, locally sourced produce, it will be hard to argue when you’re busy bonding over your next course.


4. Conferences in the Garden Room

Got a big conference coming up and you really need to make an impression? How about you make it a good one and book your next big conference in our Garden Room. Perfect for sit down meetings or stand up networking events, this versatile function space can fit up to a whopping 150 guests – so there’s no excuse not to invite Kevin from accounts. Featuring luxurious interiors and a lush botanical ceiling, the Garden Room has all the ‘wow’ factor you need to blow your guests away and keep them talking until the next one. With a huge range of packages available to suit any taste or budget, you can finally enjoy the freedom to customize your event to your liking.


So whatever your style, take the stress out of planning your next corporate event and leave it in the hands of Brisbane’s favourite function venue, Darling & Co.