How to throw an engagement party that won’t end in tears

Thursday 17 December, 2015

We’ve seen it all before, when the initial rush from just saying “yes” quickly slides into one big “hell no” when faced with the task of navigating your engagement party. Love is grand when someone’s sweeping you off your feet, but if the very thought of planning your big day brings you crashing right back down to earth then maybe it’s time to head back to the drawing board and figure out how to throw an engagement party that won’t end in tears.

Leave the ex at home

You left it on amicable terms and from time to time still check in to see how the other one’s mother is doing, but if there’s one thing that watching 15 years of ‘Friends’ re-runs has taught us, it’s that your wedding + you + ex = disaster. Avoid your very own “Ross and Rachel” moment and put that invitation right in the bin where it belongs, because as well meaning as engagement party ideas go, this is one big “I don’t”.

Communication is key

You already know that when it comes to relationship goals you guys are the A Team. However, while you’ve made it this far without a single bump in the road, you’re beginning to feel like the endless discussion about engagement venue hire is making that proverbial marriage knot feel a whole lot more like a noose. Don’t let your chemistry turn into a wedding related Molotov cocktail, remember that communication and compromise is key to pulling off perfect engagement parties.

Go straight to the main event

Who says that the journey to the altar has to resemble a marathon? What with the engagement party, buck’s nights, hen’s nights, rehearsal dinner and the wedding itself, it’s no wonder couples start to feel some financial and emotional pressure leading up to the big day. Maybe it’s time you gave tradition the ring-finger and skipped straight to the main event. Because when it comes to romantic engagement party ideas, there’s nothing quite like a surprise wedding to remind your guests just how excited you both are to start the rest of your life together without the threat of crippling credit card debt.

Now that you’ve popped the big question it’s time to pop your cork and leave all the nitty gritty details to the experts at Darling & Co. Because when it comes to throwing the best engagement parties in Brisbane, our team promise to love, honour and obey your every wish.