Handcrafted, artisan cheese: Vannella Burrata

Thursday 28 January, 2016

Quality cheese is our lifeblood, it makes us happy and it tastes simply divine. So, when we designed our menu, choosing the cheese was perhaps the most difficult (and rewarding) part.


Cheese unlike any you’ve tried before

Which cheese came out on top? Burrata – a specialty cheese originally from Apulia, Italy. It has a thin spun casing and a soft and creamy center, which oozes Stracciatella (a teased and stretched curd that is combined with fresh cream). This handcrafted delight is at its best served fresh alongside ripe heirloom tomatoes. So, apart from a sneaky slathering of salsa verde and a serving of focaccia, that’s exactly how Darling & Co’s Vannella Burrata is served!


Born in Italy, made in Sydney

The burrata on our menu comes from the Vannella Cheese Factory, which was born when Italian cheesemaker, Vito Minoia, made the decision to bring his expertise to Australia after a trip in 1999. But it wasn’t until 2004 that he, along with his family, opened their cheese factory in Cairns. Fast-forward to now, and Vannella operates out of their state-of-the-art factory in Sydney and although time has passed, Vito continues to use the methods he perfected as a teenager to produce this outstanding cheese. This is particularly evident with the burrata – with every single piece lovingly crafted by Vito himself. Talk about handcrafted!


Vannella Burrata, now serving in Paddington

Put your palette to the test and experience Vannella Burrata for yourself, without even leaving Brisbane city. Available as part of our locally sourced menu for lunch and dinner, you’ll be thanking us from when you first cut in to the Vannella Burrata and marvel at its silky texture, to when the first taste reaches your lips.


Next time you’re headed out for lunch and dinner, taste our take on Vannella Burrata for yourself. This is one dish you can’t afford to miss.