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July 15, 2017
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Top 3 Wedding Themes to Inspire Your Dream Wedding

Top 3 Wedding Themes to Inspire Your Dream Wedding

Top 3 Wedding Themes to Inspire Your Dream Wedding

Feel like every wedding theme you have found on Pintrest been done to death? Head down the aisle to a different tune with a wedding theme tailored to you. For those in search of crafty wedding themes tipped with a little extra personality, grab some unique wedding inspiration here.

Trust us – tying the knot shouldn’t turn into ‘trying not to copy Linda’s wedding’. Find your own voice and shout it from the rooftops!

Wedding Theme 1: Black & White

Chic and always destined to match, dedicate your day to two colours that will never go out of style. We’ve all cringed at wedding photos with bridal parties packed with clashing colours – ditch the curse with simple style and timeless elegance.

A classic black and white wedding theme will leave you with happy guests, easy shopping lists, and wedding albums without great aunt Hilda rocking the noisiest outfit you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Simple black and white wedding ideas…

A gorgeous black dress and ivory bouquet will have every bridesmaid feeling fab, and with a white bridal gown and black suit for the groom, heading to the altar has never looked so schmick. Add a pocket square for the groom or jewellery for the bridesmaids to add a splash of colour.

Your elegant black and white wedding theme is easily carried over to the wedding reception venue with inclusions of monochrome signage, striped tablecloths, black linen napkins, and themed confetti. Top it all off with clever menu inclusions such as oysters and cupcakes rocking black and white icing, and you’ve got a personalized wedding with unmatched style!

Wedding Theme 2: Rustic

Take it from us – after the long haul of wedding planning, every couple in town will be dreaming of ‘getting back to nature’ for an escape. Escape the city’s hustle and bustle with a rustic ceremony at an affordable wedding reception venue such as a vineyard, garden or farm.

Rustic wedding theme ideas…

For rustic wedding theme colours, keep things within a natural range – think pastel pinks, forest greens, and earthy tones. Dress bridesmaids in flowing chiffon dresses and complement your chosen colours with wooden furniture and brass-coloured tableware.

To add an extra element to your rustic wedding decorations, why not serve canapés and share platters on wine barrel cocktail tables?

Wedding Theme 3: Nautical

Avast! Can’t make it to the coast for the wedding (or don’t want to risk beach hair in your photos)? Bring the sand and the sea to you with some nautical wedding theming. Who ever said a CBD beach wedding was impossible?

Nautical wedding ideas…

Kick off your wedding theming and welcome guests aboard with nautical themed wedding invitations dressed up with letterpress anchors.

If you still managed to grab that summer glow, carry that casual beach-side atmosphere over into the wardrobe with a strapless bridal gown and linen grooms’ suit. And while nautical themed bridesmaid dresses may sound like a mission, shorter skirts and blue-green tones are all you’ll need.

After dressing up your venue of choice in decorations styled after ship wheels, anchors, and lifeguard rings you’ll be ready to set sail over dinner: all that’s needed? Seafood platters set over blue table runners.

Take your favourite wedding ideas and run with them – it’s your day, so make sure it feels like yours!

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