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Thursday 21 January, 2016

Gone are the days when a meal is a meal and that’s the end of it. Nowadays all you savvy food fanatics want more…well, we’ve got just the dish and the fish for you.

Set sail on a smoky voyage of sustainable proportions with Darling & Co’s House Smoked Sustainable Fish – but what makes this dish so special?

Nobody smokes better than the house

At Darling & Co, we give this delicate dish the love it deserves with an intricate cooking method. First, the Huon Ocean Trout is cured in salt, sugar and citrus spices for a couple of hours. Next we wash and dry the fish before it’s laid on a pillow of ice and steaming wood chips and covered with plastic wrap. Before long, the Huon Ocean Trout gets its signature smoky flavour. Then, it’s in the pan for that delicious crispy skin before it’s served with horseradish, poached eggs and potato hash.

Hu is HUON?

Suppliers of our menu’s Ocean Trout, Huon Aquaculture Company, have been farming fish in the beautiful waters of Tasmania since 1988. What began as a diversification to the family cattle and sheep farming enterprises has grown into a business that relies on farming with care, precision and with quality always at the forefront of everything it does. It is this commitment to quality and innovation that sees Huon raise some of Australia’s freshest fish. The company is also the only food company in Australia to show a sustainability dashboard – your fish doesn’t get better than this!

What does sustainability have to do with food?

Sustainable agriculture is a way of raising food in an ecologically and ethically responsible manner taking into account environment protection, the safeguarding of human health and fair treatment to workers. Huon’s fish are harvested at night, as this is when the fish are most relaxed. A conscious effort is also placed on the fishes’ diets – ensuring the fish have enough energy to live and thrive and also have the nutrients (proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals) to grow. What’s that? Food has more to do with sustainability than you thought?

Next time you pop in for breakfast, darling, remember these two words ‘smoked’ and ‘sustainable’ and you’ll be the talk of the table!