3 Cocktails to fall in love with this Valentine’s Day at Darling & Co

Thursday 11 February, 2016

Hold onto your hats Brisbane, cupid’s bow has struck us right where it tickles this Valentine’s Day and you can officially colour us smitten. So to celebrate our new amorous mood we’ve decided to make a bold statement with a whole new list of lovers that we just can’t wait for you to meet. Because if there’s one thing that the French have taught us about love, there’s always room for one more love in your life. Which is why we guarantee that you’ll fall in love with these three cocktails come Valentine’s Day.

The Darling Spritz

We just can’t resist the refreshing confidence of our signature twist on the Aperol Spritz. This rose scented smooth talker might look sweet and bubbly, but with more than a dash of West Winds Saber Gin it’s got a cheeky side that’ll sneak up on you and catch you unawares. All dressed up with a twist of orange, it’s effortlessly stylish and bang on trend – just like you.

Passion in Paddington

Is it just us or is it getting hot in here? Exotic, adventurous and insatiably passionate, if there’s one cocktail that’s got us feeling faint it’s Passion in Paddington. With a generous dash of Ketel One vodka, notes of orange blossom and tangy passionfruit, it’s as tropical as a steamy rainforest romp with Tarzan – just call us Jane.

Old Fashioned

While short and stiff may not be what you usually look for in a cocktail, isn’t it past time you went out there and tried something new? Seduce your senses and get in touch with your inner vixen when you visit the talented mixologist at Unforgiven for a bit of a good Old Fashioned fun. Don’t let its short stature fool you, made with locally sourced Starward Whisky, gently crushed sugar cubes and a generous dash of bitters, it’s the grown up cocktail that knows how to crack a joke, rub your feet and build you a log cabin with its bare hands. Be still our beating hearts.

Whether you’re consciously coupled or sensationally single, there’s always room for a few new loves of your life and you’ll find them all on Valentine’s Day right here at the Darling & Co bar.