3 birthday options that aren’t a backyard BBQ

Another year older? Happy birthday! But with another year comes the stressful task of organising a celebration that will cater to you, your friends, and your family. You don’t have to be a city socialite to realise that while not impossible, it definitely puts a dampener on the grand plans you envision year after year for your big day. But this year, don’t settle for another birthday in your own backyard just because it seems ‘easier’. It’s time to branch out with three birthday options that’ll cater to your nearest and dearest without stomping on that celebration you’ve been just dying to throw.

High tea and bubbles

Whether it’s a flutter of anxiety about having another year creep up on you (don’t stress, you don’t look a day over 25), or work, life and family has gotten in the way of an all out celebratory bash, it’s often hard to make time for a little sparkly with your nearest girlfriends. Book a table at Darling & Co and feel the height of femme surrounded in draped fringing, boutique tables and a high tea to boot. Indulge in a selection of local favourite tea, West End Tea Co, while you enjoy an assortment of bites with your closest darlings, or go all out and order the Tanqueray G&T high tea set. Unique to Darling & Co, enjoy four gin-based cocktails and a selection of high tea bites.

Lunch and cocktails

Need to fit the family into the equation? Don’t fall short by shoving them out the back by the barbecue, invite them to Darling & Co and show off your new favourite lunch venue to all your loved ones. Nothing will impress them more than sharing a dozen fresh oysters, or passing around a plate of Sunshine Coast yellow fin tuna tacos. Make it a liquid lunch and enjoy a selection of unique cocktails off our menu, made with passion and locally sourced small batch liquors and liqueurs.

Espresso martinis and finger food

Of course, if you want to throw everyone in the one room with an arancini ball in one hand and an espresso martini in the other, there’s no better place to mingle with everyone in your life than Darling & Co. Lay claim to one of our function spaces for an evening and party your night away with a selection of canapés and cocktails. Whether you’re inviting 50 of your closest friends or everyone in the extended family, office and all 6 friendship groups, we’ve got a space, a menu and a cocktail list with your name on it.

Happy birthday to you indeed!

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